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We are regulatory experts, based in the U.S.

Because we are an independent platform, we are highly judicious in partnering with agents and affiliates. As a native-born enterprise, we possess an in-depth understanding of U.S. regulations, while many other businesses forgo these crucial processes.  Security is the backbone of our company, which means comprehensive compliance with state and federal laws around money transmission, including anti-money laundering (AML), Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), counter-terrorism finance (CTF), IRS regulations, and individual regulations for every state in which we’re licensed to operate.

The U.S. regulatory system ensures operational integrity for all parties, and that continues to be our number one priority.

Licensed Jurisdictions

Licensed as a Money Transmitter in the following states*:

Alabama – SC 520
Alaska – AK-MT10093
Arkansas – 43394
California – 2401
Colorado – 500181
Connecticut – MT916876
Delaware – 19826
District of Columbia – MTR916876
Florida – FT230000009
Georgia – 26269
Idaho – MTL168                                          Indiana                                                            Illinois – MT0000195
Louisiana – Pending
Maryland – 916876
Massachusetts – FT916876
Michigan                                                    Minnesota – MN-MT-916876
Missouri – MO157508
Montana – No license required
Nevada – MT60045
New Jersey – L069442
New Mexico – 916876
New Hampshire – 23618MT
New York – MT 104874
North Carolina – 161676
North Dakota – MT102775
Pennsylvania – 104075
Oregon – MTX30103
Ohio – Pending
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota – MT2050 Tennessee – 136
Texas – 3057
Utah – 115 Virginia – MO249
Vermont – Pending
Washington – 550-MT57144