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All-in-one solution for your financial needs

Spend, save, and stay connected with your loved ones through our quick and secure money transfers, both online and in person.

global payments infrastructure

We help your business grow globally

Licensed in the US, Canada & Mexico

Global scale APIs that quickly allows your business to go global. From mass payouts, to compliance and KYC.

Presence in 140+ countries

Proprietary network of payments with presence in over 140 countries. Connect with our APIs to have a global access of payments, leveraging compliance, kyc and expertise.

USD 3.5B

Amount of remittances we processed over the last years.



Transaction processed in the last 12 months



Number of countries our proprietary network can serve.


2000 tps

Our infrastructure can handle massive loads.

our team

Industry leaders

Our leadership consists of visionary professionals who have etched their own mark as industry leaders in diverse spheres including payments, finance, and compliance. Each member brings a wealth of knowledge and invaluable experience to the table, shaping our innovative strategies and guiding our exceptional operational execution. Their unparalleled expertise fuels our relentless pursuit of excellence, making us stand out in a highly competitive landscape. Committed to integrity and dedicated to advancement, they lead our team to consistently deliver beyond expectations, ensuring we stay at the forefront of technology, cross-border commerce, and regulatory compliance. We owe our continuous growth and the ability to navigate an ever-evolving market landscape to their strategic leadership and insightful decision-making.


Redefining money transactions

Inyo is built on a rock-solid foundation of over 25 years of experience, with a track record as a trustworthy and technology-focused company. We bridge the financial gap across international borders and empower businesses to offer compliant and seamless funds transfers in person and online.

Today, we continue to build a strong network of global partners and connected communities, united together, no matter the distance.

Our mission is clear: to make your life easier and continue our journey as a standing symbol of secure money transmission. As one of the few companies that offer both in-person and online capabilities, we connect people and businesses across 140 countries. The best part? Our strict adherence to state and federal regulations ensures security, legitimacy, and trust — no matter the destination.¬†

Why choose Inyo?

Compliance first for us means peace of mind for you.

We offer a fully compliant B2B solution for brick-and-mortar agencies and online platforms, ensuring smooth payments from the U.S. to over 140 countries. We handle every detail, from securing licenses to handling rigorous audits with state and federal agencies. Led by some of the world's top regulatory experts and backed by a decades-long track record of excellence, we check all of the compliance boxes -- including Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Counter-Terrorism Financing (CTF), and Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).

Simplified sending. Easy tracking.

Getting money where it needs to go has never been easier. Inyo uses the power of technology to allow for frictionless transactions, whether to Latin America, Asia, Africa or Europe. We monitor and control the entire process from origination to compliance, foreign exchange, settlement, and distribution.

More possibilities. Minimal costs.

We believe money should be accessible to everyone, and that it shouldn't come with heavy fees or inflated change rates. Whether your customers are sending a little extra love to your family abroad, paying an invoice, or helping out a friend in another country, we use our trusted network of banks and FX resources to prioritize your savings and minimize unnecessary spending.

Inyo security, In your currency.