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From our headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts we offer a comprehensive domestic and global funds transmission solution. Inyo can originate transactions, wherever licensed, and facilitate an end-to-end transaction as follows:

1. Onboarding: Inyo conducts comprehensive end-user registration, complete with enhanced due diligence, in order to ensure full compliance and prevent fraud.

2. Transaction Origination: With our proprietary gateway, we can offer payment options such as ACH, Cash, EFT, RTP, and RDC via multiple processors and banks with advanced 3DS capabilities.

3. Compliance: Inyo’s proprietary system contains a full suite of money transmission licenses, PEP, OFAC, FATF, Sanctions Lists, UN lists, and more.

4. FX and Banking Services: Inyo uses multiple algorithms to route transactions and maintains multiple distribution methods and redundancy of banking relationships.

5. Distribution via Proprietary Network: Inyo’s expertise in exotic markets is unparalleled, offering safe and thorough distribution of funds to otherwise hard-to-reach parts of the globe.