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Inyo works with Authorized Delegates and Agents to ensure funds are transmitted on time to beneficiaries around the world.

When a consumer depends on the arrival of funds – be it for business, medical, or personal expenses – there is no room for error. Inyo has built a robust network of banks and direct payers based on the volume of funds going to each country, and with plenty of redundancy in each corridor. As the license owners, Inyo has full control of all funds that flow through our system.

Inyo’s proprietary network serves as a single convenient access point to multiple APIs, allowing access to all of the different corridors that we have to offer.

We reach wallets, bank accounts, and cash pick-up/delivery in many markets, and with plenty of flexibility when it comes to payout formats (e.g. account deposits, PIX, cash, and e-wallets in Brazil).

Inyo’s underlying algorithms route transactions via the most efficient path, eliminating friction, no matter where in the world the funds may be flowing.