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Inyo is a money transmission service that operates in 36 U.S. states. We allow companies to offer easy money transfers to their customers by leveraging our licenses and back-end technology. 

The delivery time depends on the destination region. Domestic transfers are often quicker than cross-border transactions, and market volatility or regulatory requirements can cause delays.

Inyo provides services in over 140 countries across Latin America, Africa, Asia, and Europe, offering international money transfers.

We offer a wide range of payment solutions, including online money transfer services for credit cards, debit cards, checks, ACH bank transfers, and wire transfers for U.S. money service transactions. We also provide conversions, like dollar to peso.

You can send an email to We would be happy to discuss potential partnerships.

To become an Inyo agent, you must be a registered business in the state from which you plan to operate. The application process involves enhanced due diligence on the company and its representatives, as well as the following documentation: Letter of good standing; business license; proof of bank account with a U.S. financial institution in good standing; shareholder information; company policy information on data security, privacy, anti-money-laundering; and financial records.

If you have your own platform, we will support you in integrating it with our API. If you do not have your own platform, you can add your own branding using our white-label platform.

No. Inyo follows the B2B2C model, meaning we do not market directly to end users. Instead, we work directly with agents, marketing partners, and affiliates who market to and/or service end users.  

Our platform uses OPENAPI standards. Connecting to multiple databases to process and track both foreign and domestic transactions. When you log into our system with your agent account, you get access to all relevant data from one convenient place. 

For more detailed information, visit our API developers page. 

The process begins when a customer initiates a transfer. Funds undergo a thorough compliance check. If approved, we begin currency conversion on the transaction before efficient routing to our payer’s destination country. Those funds are then available to be picked up or delivered to the recipient. 

Our platform is SOC2-certified and follows elaborate security practices. All in-transit data is secure, encrypted, and stored in our cloud infrastructure. We also regularly undergo cyber security training to maintain safe financial transactions. 

Yes, we have a dedicated compliance team that operates under a Chief Compliance Officer. 

No. We abide by all U.S. regulations and do not work with blockchain or cryptocurrency at this time. 

We collaborate with various banks and providers to offer the most optimal exchange rates. We have an FX trader desk, and depending on locations, we will purchase currency multiple times per day.

We offer many services in real-time. It depends on the destination region and service type.

Yes, as long as each monetary transaction complies fully with all state and federal regulations.

Yes. We have a highly sophisticated compliance system that monitors transactions on a daily basis against all major sanctions lists, including OFAC, FINCEN, His Majesty’s List, U.N. Sanctions Lists, FINTRAK, Mexican Central Bank, and various other regulatory bodies.